Table Reservations

We are in the process of testing out a new table reservation system.


 This tool with allow groups to reserve a table for their cohort to play games.

We have two types of tables available


1. Commander Table  - This reserves a 32" x 9' table which can comfortably seat a typical commander pod of 4 players.   These tables are also available for cohorts of up to 8 players to reserve for board games or magic.   We have two of these tables available with a few blackout times during the week (Fridays and Sundays)


2. Warhammer Table - These are 4' x 6' standup tables which are typically used for minature games like Warhammer.   These are also available for groups that don't mind standing.   There are currently no blackout dates for these tables.  We have two of these available.


Right now the tool is setup for 2 hour blocks, but you can put in custom times if you want to go slightly shorter.


Here are a few general rules:

1.  If you are are playing with your cohort, masks are not required while playing your game.  But if there are other players in the play space, we may ask you to mask up while you are travelling through the play space to your reserved table.   See the Alberta Guidelines on the definition of a cohort.

2.  When you book an appointment it shows up on our public schedule.  Please no profane or lewd language.

3.  Try to be on time.  We will hold the tables up to 10 minutes past the scheduled time.  If at that time no one shows or we are not contacted, we will give the table away to another group.

4.  Reservations will take precidence over people that just show up.  So please reserve tables ahead of time if you don't want to be turned away.